Research developed by the Bioscope group opens new perspectives for biomedicine


Collaboration work between the Bioscope group, co-leaded by Professors Carlos Lodeiro e José-Luís Capelo, and the Núcleo de Apoio à Pesquisa (NAP; Centre for Support to Research) Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), has been very productive regarding new applications of science in medicine.

NAP is coordinated by Professor Alcindo dos Santos of the Institute of Chemistry (IQ) of São Paulo and involves several partners including the research groups of Dr. Gamarra's Lionel Albert Einstein Institute and Professor Liane Rossi of IQ-USP. The various groups of researchers, pioneers in their line of research, cooperate towards the perspective of developing new products for diagnostic and treatment of some types of cancer and diseases such as leishmaniasis.

Professor Carlos Lodeiro from Bioscope explains that the most promising result from this partnership was the discovery of two potential proteins that can act as biomarkers for myeloma, allowing a quicker and efficiently diagnosis. The results of this work have been accepted last week on NanoResearch.

The outcome from this research collaboration of Bioscope group with the Prof. Alcindo dos Santos group has been highlighted in the Journal of the University of São Paulo.

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