Bruno Ribeiro, FCT NOVA Biomedical Engineering, wins Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2015 Award


Bruno Ribeiro, FCT NOVA Biomedical Engineering,  wins Fraunhofer Portugal Challe

Former FCT NOVA Biomedical Engineering, Bruno Ribeiro, is the winner in the masters category of the 'Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge'. The award-winning thesis is entitled "SYPEC: Development of New Algorithms of Classification and Posture Correction" and is part of the project SYPEC - Postural System for Evaluation and Correction - funded by QREN and co-branding between the company NGNs - Ingenious Solutions and Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory LIBPhys-UNL.


Bruno Ribeiro  during the Project presentation 

Bruno Ribeiro and the six finalists after the awards


The main objective of the project was to develop a SIPEC chair making the identification of the user posture and in the case this is incorrect, allows its correction. The introduction of the correction parameter based on the assumption that a user would tend to self-correct its position if this would become uncomfortable, being the discomfort induced by the change of chair conformation. This hypothesis allowed to add an additional goal: that the entire evaluation process and postural correction followed without the user realizing it, ie, below the level of consciousness.

The work developed by Bruno Ribeiro and by the SYPEC team enabled the integration of a classifier of fuzzy logic in postural correction system, which has brought an important element of system suitability for human use.


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