FCT NOVA creates spin off to market smart paper


elvira fortunato e rodrigo martins

NTPE Lda. is the name of the new company with seal of FCT NOVA that intends to market and help develop electronic technologies based on paper that allow, at low cost, a wide range of applications. Non-governmental organizations have already shown an interest in the technology.

With this launch, FCT NOVA will take advantage of brand technologies Paper-and green electronics for the future®. Thanks to the possibility of printing new electronic circuits, sensors and semiconductors on any type of paper, it becomes possible to apply it in fraud prevention technologies, such as in identification documents, where the monitoring and extremely important. There are more examples of the vast potential of application, such as paper diagnostic kits and intelligent packaging and logistics.

Non-governmental organizations in low-middle-income countries have already shown interest in exploiting this kind of technology. It is a real-time and low-cost diagnostic solution, as it does not require a power source and the results obtained are made available through mobile applications.

NTPE Lda. was established on July 31 2018 and has a luxury team. FCT NOVA's research team is led by Professors Rodrigo Martins and Elvira Fortunato, selected for the European Patent Office's Inventor of the Year Award in the Research category. This multidisciplinary team includes Professors (Luís Pereira, Pedro Barquinha and Rui Igreja), promising students (Cristina Gaspar and Ana Carolina Marques) and the manager Paulo Manteigas, demonstrating the quality of teaching of the School as well as the international status of it's investigation. This team brings together four grants from the European Research Council, of which Elvira Fortunato holds two in the Advanced Grant category.

Spinoff is the result of FCT NOVA's partnership with Frontier IP, a company specializing in the commercialization of university intellectual property.