Collaborative Research Laboratory DI / NOVA LINCS / OutSystems launched


new laboratory at the informatics department

The NOVA LINCS / OutSystems Collaborative Research Laboratory, launched on February 26 at FCT NOVA's Department of Informatics (DI) facilities, opens a new phase in the 10-year partnership for research, training and innovation among these institutions.

The event was attended by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, who underlined the success of this collaborative research initiative, and Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems, who highlighted the unique success of this partnership with FCT NOVA to the future IT systems building.

 "The Laboratory, fully equipped by OutSystems, will allow researchers and students of the DI / NOVA LINCS (Integrated Master in Computer Science, PhD Program in Computer Science) to develop projects related to OutSystems' programming technologies and systems, in collaboration with OutSystems R & D team experts, NOVA LINCS researchers and students," said Luís Caires, President of the Department of Informatics and Director of NOVA LINCS.

"Over the ten years of the partnership, OutSystems and the Informatics Department have deepened an atmosphere of remarkable alignment of innovation activities, fundamental research and advanced training, which strengthens all partners around issues of high technological potential," said João Costa Seco, researcher at NOVA LINCS.

Also present at the session were the Rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, João SàÁgua, the FCT NOVA Dean, Virgílio Machado, teachers, students, researchers and staff from DI / NOVA LINCS and OutSystems.