Last class of "Transversal Competencies for Science and Technology" honored Professors


FCT NOVA's Dean in the last class of CTCT

The students of the 1st year 2018/19 finished, on 21 February, the curricular unit "Transversal Competences for Science and Technology" (CTCT).

The last class was attended by FCT NOVA’s Dean, Professor Virgílio Cruz Machado, who highlighted the importance of this training for students.

This curricular unit is structured to broaden students' knowledge, allowing them to acquire new skills in areas as diverse as Curriculum Vitae preparation, time management, teamwork and leadership, advanced use of spreadsheets, search and analysis of bibliographical references and communication in Science and Technology.

The FCT Curricular Profile is materialized by a set of characteristics transversal to all the courses (of Degree and Masters) and constitutes a differentiating mark of FCT NOVA.

The good reception of this modality culminated with the students to honor and reward the Teachers who accompanied them in this project.