Tribute to Professor Armando Lencastre


Tribute to Professor Armando Lencastre

On February 23, FCT NOVA honored Professor Armando Lencastre at a session held at the Grand Auditorium, in which participated FCT NOVA's Dean, Professor Fernando Santana, the President of the General Assembly of the Engineering Academy, Engineer Carlos Pimenta, Professor Carlos Salema, President of the Science Class of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, the Bachelor of the Order of Engineers, Engineer Carlos Mineiro Aires and the President of the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Engineer Carlos Pina. Professor António Carmona Rodrigues and Engineer Carlos Matias Ramos addressed the life and work of Professor Armando Lencastre. The session was closed by Eng. José António Lencastre, son of the honoree, and the exhibition "Remember Armando Lencastre" was inaugurated.


Professor Fernando Santana (Dean FCT NOVA)

Eng. Carlos Pimenta (President of the General Assembly of the Engineering Academy)


Professor Carlos Salema (Lisbon Academy of Sciences)

Eng. Carlos Mineiro Aires (Chairman of the Order of Engineers)

Professor Carlos Pina (President National Laboratory of Civil Engineering)

Professor António Carmona Rodrigues

Eng. Carlos Matias Ramos

Eng. José António Lencastre