Almada SMAS installs drinking fountains on FCT NOVA campus


Almada's Municipal Water and Sanitation Services (SMAS) offered and installed two drinking fountains at the FCT NOVA campus, thus joining the reduction in plastic packaging promoted by the FCT NOVA Mais Sustentável project, developed by the Department of Science and Technology. Environmental engineering.

The community can now fill their canteens with quality water from the Municipality of Almada and contribute to the reduction of plastic packaging waste.

The drinking fountains are now located in two very central areas: one near the entrance of Building VII and another at the entrance of the Departmental Building. It is also planned the installment of two more drinking fountains, which will be placed next to the Staff Bar and the second at the entrance of Building II (near the roundabout).

Avoid plastic water bottles, bring your flask and cool off with water from the new FCT NOVA drinking fountains!