FCT NOVA, Dino Parque and Museum of Lourinhã invite the public to be paleontologists



The project “MicroSaurus: Looking for Jurassic microvertebrates in Portugal” aims to bring volunteers from 10 to 99 years old and paleontologists to discover fossils over 150 million years old in Lourinhã.

The initiative promoted under the “Citizen Science” initiative aims to involve visitors in the search and screening of microfossils of Portuguese jurassic dinosaurs, lizards, crocodiles, flying reptiles and mammals on previously treated rocks from the Lourinhã coast. This activity will allow a more direct contact of the citizen with this scientific area and at the same time will be useful in accelerating the process of analyzing the amount of samples in the zone. In the testing phase, this project has already allowed the discovery of new species. All fossils collected will be part of the collection of the Museum of Lourinhã where they will be studied and disseminated.

The project is an initiative funded by the Dino Park of Lourinhã through the Super Animals 3 program, in partnership with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Lourinhã Museum.

The activity will take place in August at the Lourinhã Museum, from Monday to Friday, from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. All volunteers receive a certificate of participation.

For registration and information email to .


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