Book Launch "The Number" about the tapestry work of Almada Negreiros


livro o número

Luís Trabucho de Campos, professor and researcher at the Department of Mathematics of NOVA School of Science and Technology, is the author of the recently launched book “The Number - The Emblematic Tapestry Almada Negreiros conceived for the Court of Auditors”, which marks the 630th anniversary of the Casa dos Contos and the 170 years of the Court of Auditors.

There are 130 pages dedicated to the tapestry piece designed by the artist to inaugurate the space that the Court of Auditors was to occupy in the eastern tower of Praça do Comércio, in Lisbon, in 1954. The professor and author of the book explains that “Almada Negreiros synthesizes, remarkably, the mathematical concepts of geometric nature which, in his opinion, are implicit in the great works of humanity, serving as a unifying element to all of them”. He adds that “it shows how the number is always present in the central and fundamental aspects of the knowledge of humanity, from the beginning of civilizations to the present day, going through fundamental milestones such as the knowledge of ancient Greece and the advent of modern science started with the Renaissance".

The book is the result of an invitation from the Court of Auditors. The launch took place on November 11th.



"Lançado hoje livro "O Número" sobre a obra que Almada Negreiros concebeu para o Tribunal" (Tribunal de Contas)