Otávio Mateus shows jewels that pay tribute to science


Jóias da Ciência

Next Tuesday, November 19th, the Pavilhão do Conhecimento will host a special show. Researchers and PhD students were invited to inaugurate the exhibition “Jóias da Ciência  (Jewels of Science) as models of the pieces before they are deposited in the stands where they will be on display until November 24, National Day of Scientific Culture and the first day of Science and Technology Week 2019.

Otávio Mateus, professor and researcher at NOVA School of Science and Technology, is one of the researchers invited to participate in the show that will present the jewels created by students of the regular Jewelery course at Ar.Co - Center for Art and Visual Communication. The challenge was to produce pieces created from reused materials and inspired by the connection of science and technology with society.

The inauguration is scheduled for November 19,18h00 ,  at the Hall of the Knowledge Pavilion - Ciência Viva Center.