The swearing in ceremony of the new AEFCT Governing Bodies


Pedro Ferreira is the new aefct president

The swearing in ceremony of the elected governing bodies of the NOVA School of Science and Technology's Students Association (AEFCT), for the 2020 mandate,  took place on January 9 at the Library's Auditorium.

The ceremony was attended by the outgoing President, Pedro Horta, the sworn in President, Pedro Ferreira, the Dean of FCT NOVA, Virgílio Cruz Machado, representatives of the Almada City Council, the President of the Lisbon Academic Federation, Sofia Escária, the Deputy Director of FCT NOVA, Vitor Hugo Fernandes, the Student Ombudsperson, Graça Martinho, the SASNOVA Administrator, Paula Machado, Presidents of Departments, Courses Coordinators and Heads of Division.

On this day, following students took office of these governing bodies:


Pedro Ferreira - President
Jessica Abrantes - Vice Presidente (Financial and Cultural Area and Employability) 
Pedro Jacinto - Vice President (Sports, Centers and Internal Relations and Recreation)
Adriana Costinha - Vice President (Education Policy and Social Action and Mobility)
Tomás Chora - Treasurer
Leonor Neves - Cultural and Employability Coordinator
Laura Menezes - Cultural and Employability Member
Rafael Batista - Cultural and Employability Member
Joana Neves - Image and Communication Coordinator
Beatriz Antunes  - Image and Communication Member
Maria Gonçalves - Image and Communication  Member
Ana Martins  - Social Action and Mobility Coordinator
Mariana Machado - Social Action and Mobility Member
Catarina Medalhas  - Sports Coordinator
Inês Vieira  - Sports Member
João Fernandes  - Sports Member
Susana Miguéis  - Sports Member
Cristiano Barardo  - Educational Policy Coordinator
Maria Albuquerque  - Educational Policy Member
Rita Anastácio  - Student Groups and Internal Relations Coordinator
Edgar Coimbra  - Student Groups and Internal Relations Member
Pedro Cardoso  - Student Groups and Internal Relations Member
Marcelo Morais  - Recreational Coordinator
Francisco Fernandes  - Recreational Member
Rita Pereira  - Recreational Member

General Meeting Board:
Carolina Crespo - President
Eduardo Freitas - Vice President
António Figueiredo - Secretary
Ana Margarida Duarte - Secretary
Filipa Couchinho - Secretary

Supervisory Board:
Telma Esteves  - President
Elisa Reboredo - Member
Rita Teixeira - Member