Com@Rehab Project is one of the winners of the Santander/NOVA Award



The Com@Rehab project was distinguished with the Santander/NOVA Award on September 22nd, during the NOVA Science Day.

The core objective of Com@Rehab is the development of the Digital Communication Module (MCD Rehab) for an interactive rehabilitation solution in Virtual Reality.

“We intend to focus on the expansion of the communicative skills of the various agents involved, while strengthening technological literacy and interactivity with technology, thus helping to improve the interaction between Man-Man and Man-Machine, we also aim to support the management of therapeutic activities aimed at post-COVID patients, therefore making the program more effective and efficient ”, explains Micaela Fonseca, lead investigator of this research work.

The multidisciplinary project brings together the skills of three organic units of the NOVA University (NOVA School of Science and Technology - FCT NOVA, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, NOVA Medical School), in partnership with the collaborative laboratory Value for Health CoLAB and the research center HEI_Lab, as well as the Center of Medicine and Rehabilitation of Alcoitão, thus fostering synergies in areas such as Linguistics, Technology and Medicine.

The team consists of Micaela Fonseca (FCT NOVA, LIBPhys-UNL / HEI_Lab), Cláudia Quaresma (FCT NOVA, LIBPhys-UNL), Rute Costa (NOVA FCSH / NOVA CLUNL), Sara Carvalho (NOVA FCSH / NOVA CLUNL), Raquel Silva (NOVA FCSH, VoH.Colab, NOVA CLUNL) and Ana Rita Londral (NOVA MS / CHRC / VoH.Colab).

The Santander/NOVA Award aims to honour the best research projects developed by junior researchers and involving at least two organic units of the university.