Sustainable tourism - NOVA and Turismo de Portugal sign collaboration protocol


NOVA University Lisbon, through its NOVA Hospitality and Tourism platform, joins the project “Sustainable tourism: a better future for [with] all” of Turismo de Portugal, aiming to contribute to the response of the tourism sector to the urgency of the sustainability challenges defined on a global, European and national scale.

The two entities signed a collaboration protocol in the context of this project that “bears in mind the importance of strengthening Portugal’s position and competitiveness as a sustainable and safe tourist destination” in addition to “accommodating the requirements of new national and European community guidelines that will occur in the short and medium term, within the scope of the circular economy and environmental sustainability ”.

NOVA, through NOVA School of Science and Technology, will develop two actions within the scope of this project in the context of carbon neutrality and sustainable construction in tourist developments.

The action "Carbon neutrality in tourism facilities" is linked to the development of capacitation content in order to provide the necessary elements for a complete understanding and operationalization of the carbon neutrality assessment in in tourism facilities.

In what concerns the “Sustainable construction in tourism facilities” action, aspects related to the sustainability of this type of construction will be addressed, considering situations such as new construction for tourism purposes, conservation and rehabilitation interventions (with or without the facilities in operation) and the rehabilitation of buildings and their suitability for tourism purposes.

Image: Turismo de Portugal