Isabel Ferreira receives third ERC Grant


Isabel Ferreira

Isabel Ferreira, professor in the Department of Materials Science and researcher at Cenimat, has won the third ERC (European Research Council) Grant with the “INSOLENSYS” project.

The result, announced on January 7, by the European Research Council, attributes the ERC Proof of Concept (PoC) to the researcher. This 150,000 euro scholarship allows to explore business opportunities, prepare patent applications or verify the practical viability of scientific concepts.

The “INSOLENSYS” project consists of testing the combination of photovoltaic cells and capacitors / batteries and has the support of an Italian company, D1-Venture, in the validation, market research and contacts with industrial partners for the trial and certification of the results.

In 2015, the researcher already received an ERC Consolidator Grant with the “CapTherPV” project and in 2018 an ERC Proof of Concept Grant with the “CAPSEL” project.

The achievement confirms NOVA School of Science and Technology's commitment to research and the quality of its teams


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