New technology for the removal of detectable TCA, developed by NOVA School of Science and Technology in partnership with Amorim


rolhas, unsplash

On January 19, Corticeira Amorim presented Naturity, a new technology that allows the detectable TCA to be removed from natural cork stoppers, developed in partnership with NOVA School of Science and Technology, since 2016.

Orlando Teodoro, professor and researcher at the Department of Physics and Cefitec of NOVA School of Science and Technology, was at the forefront of the research that originated the equipment and process that allows the extraction of more than 150 volatile compounds, including TCA (which gives the wine its cork flavor), without any addition of artificial elements.

The launch of this new product is a "historic landmark" and constitutes one of the two technologies launched today by Amorim that "result from robust financial investments, time and dedication in R&D," informed the company.

For NOVA School of Science and Technology, this launch is the recognition of the quality of our research, targeting real market needs, and the result of the consolidation of our knowledge valorization activities.

This technology transfer was ensured with the support of IRIS - Innovation Research and Impact Strategy Office of NOVA School of Science and Technology and Frontier I.P.


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