"Saída de Campus": scientific field visits


“Saída de Campus" (Off Campus) is the innovative initiative promoted by NOVA School of Science and Technology that aims to contribute to synergies between the different departments, disseminate their areas of knowledge and encourage socializing moments.

The project intends to be a meeting point between the various departments, creating space for the community to become more aware of the work that is developed with the School's talent. In this sense, opportunities are created to go and see the different interventions that our researchers are creating off campus, with a dynamic recreational component that provides connections outside our areas.

There are already four visits scheduled:

On May 18, the Department of Earth Sciences offers a guided tour of the Dino Museum and Dino Parque of Lourinhã, spacew where many of our researchers' discoveries can be encountered. Registration and information here.

On May 21, the Department of Conservation and Restoration invites you to visit the Glass Museum in Marinha Grande and attend the opening of the exhibition "The persistence of matter: 20 years VICARTE". More information and registration here.

On the 25th of May, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering schedule a visit to Palmetal, with scientific challenges included. More information and registration here.

Finally, on the 27th of May, you have the opportunity to visit Zeyton Nutraceuticals, Lda, a spin-off of FCT NOVA, at the invitation of the Chemistry Department. More information and registration here.

These field visits are primarily aimed at NOVA School of Science and Technology members, limited to available vacancies. To sign up, just access the link indicated above in each activity. More activities are planned to be announced soon.

“Saída de Campus” is a project by the Dean's Office that now starts due to the lifting of restrictions imposed by the pandemic.