U-Multirank: NOVA remains, alone, in the first place at a national level


Keeping the 7th position among young European universities, NOVA obtained the maximum classification in 14 of 33 indicators of the ranking that evaluates the different dimensions of the academic activity. It should also be highlighted the direct top entry of the category 'Female Authors'.

t is a sign of the times: the number of 'Female Authors' is a distinctive factor of NOVA in terms of gender equality in all rankings in which it is evaluated - and U-Multirank is no exception. According to the results now disclosed, NOVA received the maximum score in the total of 14 indicators - one more than last year - and thus holds, alone, the first place at the national level.

Created by the European Commission and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme in 2014, U-Multirank is the largest multidimensional ranking that evaluates the different dimensions of complex academic activity. In total, U-Multirank analyzed the performance of 2202 higher education institutions around the world. It should also be highlighted that among the young European universities - that is, those less than 50 years old - NOVA maintains its 7th position.

Besides the indicator 'Female Authors', which considers the proportion of publications with female authors, NOVA also obtained maximum points in the following categories:

- Research publications
- Interdisciplinary publications
- Professional publications
- Open access publications
- Income from private sources
- Publications cited in patent
- Income from continuing professional development
- Student mobility
- International academic staff
- International joint publications
- Masters' students working in the region
- Regional joint publications.