Ciência Viva: Sailing boats equipped with electronic systems that sail alone


The professors Luis Gomes, Eduardo Pinto, Anikó Costa, Filipe Moutinho, Carolina Oliveira, from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and researchers of UNINOVA, welcomed six pre-university students for an internship that introduced the area in a playful manner.

The internship allowed the introduction to some programming and control techniques, their integration and application in the manipulation of some technologies, as well as the experimentation in autonomous sailboats, through fun experiences that brought the students closer to this area of knowledge.

This activity was one of the 30 that took place, this year, at FCT NOVA, within the scope of the Ciência Viva no Laboratório program, which opens opportunities for the younger students to experience research work side by side with scientists. In total, 126 students got to know our laboratories and our campus.