ClubeMath offers merit scholarships for students who enter a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the area of Mathematics


ClubeMath, a mathematics club for young people in basic and secondary schools, is once again promoting merit scholarships for the best students who enter a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the area of Mathematics at NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA. This is the first time this scholarship includes 2nd cycle courses.

In accordance with the stipulated in article 4 of the regulation of these scholarships (you can read more below), in the academic year 2022/23 the grants will correspond to the total amount of a Bachelor's tuition fee and half the amount of a Master's tuition fee.

To apply for the merit scholarship for undergraduate students one must have been admitted in the 1st phase of the national admission to higher education in the academic year in which the endowment is granted,  have had an application mark of 180.0 or higher; and have placed the course in which they are enrolled in as their first choice. For more information, click here (Portuguese only).

For Master's degrees, the conditions to be eligible are: being enrolled at FCT NOVA in the 1st year of one of the following programmes: Master's degree in Mathematics and Applications; Master's degree in Actuarial Mathematics or Master's degree in Mathematics Teaching in the 3rd cycle of basic education and in secondary education; and having completed the undergraduate programme with a final average grade equal or higher than 17/20. Find out more here (Portuguese only).

The ClubeMath has existed since 2007 and takes place at the NOVA School of Science and Technology with seven sessions per academic year, on Saturdays. Find out more about this club here.