FCT NOVA leads European Project that wants to improve the seismic behaviour of buildings


António Pinho Ramos, professor of the Department of Civil Engineering of NOVA School of Science and Technology and researcher at CERIS NOVA, leads the European Project ReclyceSlab, whose purpose is to study the seismic behaviour of constructions with innovative technologies.

During this project, a full-scale seismic trial will be performed on a two-storey building in fungiform slab with capitals, using a concrete made of recycled coarse aggregates. This is a worldwide unique test, not only in terms of the size of the model to be tested, but also of the innovative materials to be employed.

The key goal of this project is to study the design of structurally safer and more efficient structures, while using new-found sustainable materials and with a more rational use of natural resources, therefore reducing the environmental impact associated to the construction industry.

In addition to FCT NOVA, the Polytechnic of Milan, Imperial College London, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, as well as two industrial partners participate in this project: c5lab and Holcim.