The Students' Union once again distinguished the best Professors of FCT NOVA


The Professor of the Year award, promoted by the Students' Union of NOVA School of Science and Technology, has as its main objective to recognize the dedication and merit of the Teachers who stood out throughout the last year.

"It is not just an award but the acknowledgement of the impact and reflection that you've had on the students of this school. You are an inspiration and we thank you for all the work and dedication to the FCTense community," they wrote on social media.

José Maria Nunes de Almeida Gonçalves Gomes, professor of the Department of Mathematics, was chosen by the students as the 2022 "Professor of the Year".

The students also distinguished the following Professors:

  • Nuno Miguel Ribeiro Videira Costa, from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

  • Rita Maria Mourão Salazar Branquinho, from the Department of Materials Science
  • Agnès Le Gac, from the Departament of Conservation and Restoration
  • Élia Catarina Tavares Costa Roldão,  from the Departament of Conservation and Restoration
  • Susana França de Sá,  from the Departament of Conservation and Restoration
  • António Manuel Dias Domingos, from the Department of Applied Social Sciences
  • Davide Scarso, from the Department of Applied Social Sciences
  • João Correia de Freitas, from the Department of Applied Social Sciences
  • Joaquim António dos Reis Silva Simão, from the Department of Earth Sciences
  • Jaime Mota, from the Department of Life Sciences
  • José N. Varandas, from the Department of Civil Engineering
  • Rui Miguel Amaral Lopes, from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Telmo Santos, from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Cláudia Quaresma, from the Department of Physics
  • Artur Miguel Andrade Vieira Dias, from the Department of Computer Science
  • Carlos Manuel Saiago, from the Department of Mathematics
  • Carlos Alberto Gomes Salgueiro, from the Department of Chemistry