FCT NOVA researchers highlighted once again in the book "Women in Science"


Liliana Tomé, Rosa Miranda and Sónia Carabineiro are the most recent researchers from NOVA School of Science and Technology to be distinguished in the book "Women in Science", promoted by Ciência Viva.

These names join another 15 researchers who have already been highlighted in previous editions of this initiative, which aims to celebrate Portuguese women scientists, whose remarkable work has been fundamental for the progress that national Science and Technology have registered in the last decades.

"What moves me in science is the will to embrace new challenges and the pleasure of discovering new functionalities of polymeric materials. My research focuses on the development of more eficient materials, from natural-based polymers to materials derived from ionic liquids, and on exploring their properties, in search of solutions to current problems in our society, such as global warming or the production of clean energy," says Liliana Tomé, researcher at LAQV-REQUIMTE.

Rosa Miranda, researcher at Unidemi, says "Profissionally, I have always been connected to research, teaching and technology transfer. I started using high-power lasers to process and transform materials, at a time when they were unknown to national industry. Today, they are used in a wide variety of companies and I find myself with the feeling that these years of intensive work were worth it, touching areas as diverse as cleaning paper and parchment, welding metallurgically incompatible materials and, more recently, the additive manufacturing of metal parts. It is a cleaner process, with lower consumption of raw materials and energy. But it was also very rewarding to instil in my students an interest in learning and development".

Sónia Carabineiro, researcher at LAQV-Requimte, explains that her research focuses on the development of efficient and recyclable catalysts for oxidation reactions with industrial and environmental interest, such as nanostructured carbon materials, mixed metal oxides, heterogeneous metal complexes and nanoparticles. She tries to use mild pressure and temperature conditions, green solvents, avoid the production of toxic waste and minimise energy consumption.

This edition of the book features 101 portraits of women researchers from different areas of knowledge, captured by the lenses of photographers Alípio Padilha, Ana Brígida, Diana Tinoco and Rodrigo Cabrita.

FCT NOVA welcomes the national and international success achieved by our researchers.