Marias Festival will fill Almada with music


The MARIAS 2023 - XX Musical Festival of Female Tunas of FCT NOVA has already a date. Between the 14th and 15th of April the city of Almada will be inundated with academic spirit and a lot of music.

Organised by the feminine students' musical group of NOVA School of Science and Technology , Tuna Maria, the meeting will include a serenade night that will take place in the Church of Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso, in Cacilhas, on April 14th at 9.30 pm. The following day, at 9pm, the Academia de Instrução e Recreio Familiar Almadense, will be the stage where the traditional studentsmusical groups from various parts of the country will perform and try to win the prize for the best ensemble.

"This edition brings a culmination of pieces of stories and emotions in a unique and
unforgettable show!",  guarantees the organisation.