Digital fabrication in the modernization of industry in debate at NOVA FCT


Last June 7, NOVA FCT hosted the presentation event of the Master in Advanced Digital Manufacturing Engineering (MEFDA), which included a round table where the employment opportunities of the sector were discussed, among other issues.

"With the increasing digitalisation of all kinds of processes, including production and manufacturing processes, we felt there was a need and that it made perfect sense to combine multidisciplinary areas of Mechanics, Electricity, Industrial, and Computer Science. For us it is important to expose our students to this type of content and to this synergy between these diverse domains to provide an adequate response to the demands that the industrial fabric begins to feel and to the requirements and qualifications that companies need from our graduates", stated Telmo Santos, President of the Departement of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, during the event's opening session.

In this session, the coordinator of the Master presented the general characteristics of the programme, highlighting the fact that this is a unique Master, which integrates four complementary scientific areas such as Industrial Management Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, which usually appear isolated in the classic master, allowing the training of future professionals with a multidisciplinary vision of engineering. In addition, he indicated the students can count on financial support through merit scholarships, financed by the master's partner companies, or through the Access to Cycle Studies Scholarships of NOVA University of Lisbon.

The event was attended by representatives of the partner companies who participated in a round table about the market needs of this sector. The event was attended by Vasco Burguete, Director of Engineering and Development at João de Deus, Aurélio Caldeira, Director of Human Resources at BorgWarner, and Paulo Sá Ribeiro, Manager of Business Consulting at Deloitte.

"With this Masters, I finally see, for the first time, academia trying to design a "product" that makes perfect sense in relation to the current challenges faced by companies. When I look at the content of this Master, I think: this is what our company needs, this multidisciplinarity, people with this set of skills," said Aurélio Caldeira.

Paulo Sá Ribeiro added that "Deloitte also sees this Master as a considerable advance in what is the orientation of universities for the preparation of students to have profiles capable of responding to the challenges of the future."

Vasco Burguete made a point of listing what companies, and namely the company he represents, can offer to students of this master's degreesuch as working on international projects and with direct connection to the leading players in key sectors of this business area.

The session is still available for those interested here (In Portuguese).