Think Tank established to explore new skills in Digital Health


On July 5, 2023, the "Digital Skills for Healthcare Professionals" Seminar was held at NOVA FCT, marking the first initiative aimed at promoting the discussion on Digital Health Innovation in Portugal and worldwide, within the scope of the research group DISHC at UNIDEMI - NOVA FCT. This event follows the work envisioned by the "eHospital4Future - Building future through an innovated and digital skilled hospital", a project co-financied by the EU4Health program of the European Commission.

The scientific meeting brought together approximately twenty experts and key stakeholders as important key-informants in the field of digital health services delivery, development, innovation, human resources and digital health information systems. The event also received collaboration from the WHO Collaborating Center for Health Workforce Policy and Planning at IHMT/UNL.

Appart from identifying priority areas for research, this meeting aimed to present the findings resulting from eHospital4Future, particularly focusing on key aspects that need further developement. These aspects include communication skills among various healthcare professionals and with patients, project management skills, and other specific technical competencies (e.g., digital literacy in system security and artificial intelligence), with an emphasis on agile approaches to foster multidisciplinary teamwork.

The proposal is to continue this debate within the context of a Digital Health Think Tank, focusing on challenges and opportunities in the European Health Data Space and Digital Health innovation. Innovative initiatives are scheduled for the autumn, centering on the use of clinical information and the potential of decision support systems supported by digital technologies.