NOVA FCT hosts Delegation from the University of São Paulo


On September 6th, NOVA FCT hosted a delegation from the University of São Paulo (USP) as part of the recent formalization of a strategic partnership between USP and NOVA.

The meeting, attended by more than twenty senior academic staff members from the Brazilian institution, provided an overview of the Faculty, emphasizing the activities of its departments, particularly in teaching and research.

During this session, it became evident that NOVA FCT has been cultivating strong connections with civil society organizations and industry, boasting several partnerships with prestigious national and international companies.

José Júlio Alferes, Dean of NOVA FCT, stated, "This visit is one of the essential initiatives to solidify the recent partnership with USP. Actions like these pave the way for future collaborations and knowledge exchange, contributing to the advancement of both institutions."

The delegation has been visiting various Organic Units at NOVA and will participate in the first joint NOVA/USP conference, dedicated to the theme of Sustainability, scheduled for September 7th and 8th at the Campolide Campus.