AnTUNiA: celebrating three decades


The thirtieth anniversary of anTUNiA was celebrated on October 14 with a unprecedented show that featured multiple student music groups from the NOVA community.

Known as "NOVA TUNAS," the event unfolded in the auditorium of the Rectory in Campolide and was part of a broader series of celebrations. The men's music group from NOVA FCT has several initiatives planned to honor the significant role the ensemble has played over three decades in promoting music and the academic spirit.

The event was organised by anTUNiA, with the support of the Rectorate's Culture department. The student festival also marked the 50th anniversary of NOVA University Lisbon.

Established in 1993, anTUNiA boasts a rich musical tradition in the realm of student music groups. In 1997, they released their inaugural CD, featuring original songs and classic instrumental themes. The ensemble has toured various countries, including Brazil, Peru, Holland, Canada, and Spain. They are the hosts of the Tágides - Festival Internacional de Tunas Universitárias da Cidade de Almada, a national festival that has successfully held 25 editions, brimming with music and academic camaraderie.

Additional initiatives commemorating anTUNiA's anniversary can be found here.