NOVA FCT researchers among the best in the world according to Standford study


A study coordinated by John Ioannidis, a professor at Stanford University, has been identifying the world's most influential researchers since 2021, and NOVA FCT has been represented since the first edition.

In the latest update, NOVA FCT has 49 names on the list, including the most cited researchers throughout their careers and the researchers with the most impact in the last year. The ranking was based on Scopus, an international online database of scientific articles and their respective citations in various types of academic journals and magazines.

The list, best known as the "World's Top 2% Scientists list", identifies more than 100,000 influential researchers, in 22 scientific areas and 176 disciplines, whose work has accelerated progress and productivity in their fields.

From the School are present: Ana Luísa Fernando (Chemistry), Alexandra R. Fernandes(Life Sciences), Alexandre Paiva (Chemistry), Ana Cecília Roque (Chemistry), Ana Lúcia Leitão (Chemistry), Ana Rita Duarte (Chemistry), Carla Sofia Farinha (Environment), Catarina Roma-Rodrigues (Life Sciences), Dawei Liang (Physics), Douglas W. McKee (Chemistry), Elvira Fortunato (Materials Science), Fernando Cebola Lidon (Earth Sciences), Fernando Pina (Chemistry), Filomena Freitas (Chemistry), Florbela Pereira (Chemistry), Hugo C. Biscaia (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), J. P. Oliveira (Materials Science), João Aires-De-Sousa (Chemistry), João C. Diniz da Costa (Chemistry). Diniz da Costa (Chemistry), João G. Crespo (Chemistry), João Martins (Electrical and Computer Engineering), José Cochicho Ramalho (Earth Sciences), José L. Capelo (Chemistry), José P.B. Mota (Chemistry), José Paulo Sampaio (Life Sciences), Liliana C. Tomé (Chemistry), Luís C. Branco (Chemistry), Luís Caires (Computer Science), Luís Moniz Pereira (Computer Science), Luís Paulo Rebelo (Chemistry), Luís Camarinha-Matos (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Manuel A.G. Silva (Civil Engineering), Manuel Duarte Ortigueira (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Manuel Nunes da Ponte (Chemistry), Marcos Raydan (Mathematics), Maria A.M. Reis (Chemistry), Pedro M. Costa (Life Sciences), Pedro V. Baptista (Life Sciences), Maria A.M. Reis (Chemistry). Baptista (Life Sciences), Pedro Barquinha (Materials Science), R. M. Miranda (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Radu Godina (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Ricardo Vigário (Physics), Rodrigo Gonçalves (Civil Engineering), Rodrigo Martins (Materials Science), Rui Oliveira (Chemistry), Sónia A.C. Carabineiro (Chemistry), Svetlozar Velizarov (Chemistry), Telmo G. Santos (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) and Tomás B. Ramos (Environment).

The increasing presence of NOVA FCT researchers in this list of excellence unmistakably acknowledges the high-quality research conducted at this School, further solidifying our reputation as a research-focused institution.

The work can be consulted here.