NOVA FCT researchers take part in La Caixa Foundation award-winning project


"Collagen-based biological batteries as a power source for electronic skin devices" is among the six projects awarded by the new CaixaImpulse Innovation programme, promoted by the La Caixa Foundation and BPI. The project is led by Ana Pina, a former NOVA FCT student and current ITQB NOVA researcher, and will be developed with the support of the consortium team, which includes two NOVA FCT researchers: Leonor Morgado, a researcher at UCIBIO-NOVA FCT and Ana Baptista, a researcher at CENIMAT-NOVA FCT. The team also includes Felipe Conzuelo, from ITQB NOVA and Erin Tranfield, from the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.

The "electronic skin" (e-skin) is one of the most innovative research areas currently being developed in the electronics sector. E-skin technology will facilitate the detection of diseases, the application of medical treatments and, in general, more advanced control of people's health. However, some technical difficulties still need to be overcome.

The winning team now has 49,000 euros to boost the development of an ultra-thin, flexible, lightweight and biocompatible battery to power electronic skin devices that combines innovative collagen-based materials and flexible microelectronics for portable applications, making it possible to abandon conventional energy sources.

The new CaixaImpulse Innovation programme aims to allow research to leave the laboratory and reach patients in the form of solutions that can help improve their health.