Collaborative research to combat energy poverty honoured in NOVA Impact Narratives Competition 2023


João Pedro Gouveia, researcher at CENSE and professor at NOVA FCT's Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, is responsible for the project "Collaborative research spearheading Europe's fight against Energy Poverty", which was honoured in the 2023 edition of the NOVA Impact Narratives Competition.

In this work, associated with the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub, the NOVA FCT team has been directly involved in diagnosing, defining metrics and strategies for reducing energy poverty at European level, working closely with local authorities, civil society organisations and, above all, with the citizens and communities affected by energy poverty.

This project's Impact Narrative was one of the five awarded with an honourable mention during NOVA Science and Innovation Day 2023, which took place on 21 November. You can read about this and the other winning projects in the latest edition of NOVA Science magazine.