Entrepreneurship: Fostering student innovation


The 11th edition of Europe's largest Entrepreneurship course, integrated into the NOVA FCT Curriculum Profile, started on Monday, January 22. The program includes "Inspirational Talks" and mentoring sessions designed to stimulate and cultivate students' towards creating value.

Over 700 students gathered in the Grand Auditorium for the opening session of this curricular unit, featuring inspirational talks. The initial speaker, Katia Almeida, a social entrepreneur and clinical psychologist, urged first-year Master's students to explore "creativity for challenging limiting beliefs and generating alternatives in managing emotions, relationships, and self-love." The theme "Beyond Fear" set the tone for her engaging intervention.

Duarte Condesso, a fourth-year student in Environmental Engineering, highlighted the importance of the topic, emphasizing its relevance in presenting impactful ideas, especially when collaborating with peers from diverse courses.

For Joana Teixeira, a Civil Engineering student, "these talks are always a moment that makes us think about our skills, our emotions, and how to use this wealth of resources to overcome obstacles and get out of our comfort zone".

Joana Teixeira, inspired by this advice, found resonance in her situation as a 37-year-old completing her master's degree, aiming to redirect her professional path. She emphasized the importance of weighing rationality against pursuing one's true passion.

José Meliço, founder of the startup Zypho, shared the journey of creating an innovative heat recovery device for showers, enhancing energy efficiency. Meliço, a former Civil Engineering student at NOVA FCT, recounted the company's origins.

The next talk will take place on 29 January at 10am, with PLUX Biosignals and Sensei. On 5 February, at 10am, it will be the turn of representatives from Genesis Studio, and the grand final, which takes place on 23 February at 9.30am, will feature Paula Videira from CellmAbs. All the talks take place in NOVA FCT's Grand Auditorium.