Over 130 companies came to NOVA FCT connect with our students.


With a focus on the employability of our students, NOVA FCT organized two events in March that provided an opportunity for interaction with the business world: the Career Strategy and Design Workshop and the Talent Bootcamp.

The two events, held in collaboration with Magma Studio, provided students with the chance to contemplate their skills and assets, explore diverse career paths, and forge connections with professionals and companies.

The Career Strategy and Design Workshop was attended by more than 60 students. On this day, students had the chance to explore the best tools for positioning themselves competitively in the labor market.

The Talent Bootcamp, meanwhile, brought together 269 students and 211 representatives from 132 leading national and international companies over two days. Of the total number of students involved, 55 percent were finalists or recent graduates.

"It was incredible to be able to network with so many companies in such a brief period of time and to get out of my comfort zone to make myself known to the professionals from the different areas present. The training sessions on job interviews and CVs were extremely useful," commented Bernardo Seabra, one of the 269 NOVA FCT students who attended the event.

"It's a really differentiating experience, where we've managed to have a positive impact on the lives of many young people. It's really gratifying," says Inês Godinho, a representative of Cofidis, a company who attended this NOVA FCT event.

These two moments reflect the school's strategy, which since 2012 has focused on training in complementary skills to prepare NOVA FCT students for the process of integrating into the labor market.


A moment of networking between students and companies at Talent Bootcamp


Teresa Santos Silva, NOVA FCT's Vice Dean for Pedagogical Innovation, welcomes students to the first Career Strategy and Design Workshop