Arquivo de notícias de February de 2021

Nick Fitzpatrick

Nick Fitzpatrick will receive 115 thousand euros over three years to collaborate in the IDEATE - Imagining DEgrowth trAjecToriEs project.


She is the sixth researcher at the School to receive this distinction.


The NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA and the Nova Tourism and Hospitality platform (“Toho”) are collaborating in the project “Sustainable tourism: a better future for [with] everyone” of Turismo de Portugal financed by the Environmental Fund (Fundo Ambiental).


The NOVA School of Science and Technology has once more one of its researchers on the list of winners, bringing the number of scientists from the School to receive this distinction to six.


The NOVA University of Lisbon publicly announces the opening of the application process for the position of Rector.


The mathematician will present the lecture “Topics on the Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem” on February 26, at 2:00 pm.

AEFCT Esports

It was with zero losses and 12 consecutive wins that AEFCT Esports took first place on the podium.


The multidisciplinary team is combining the characteristics of various devices on the market into a unique robot that uses green technology. The solution, which uses ultraviolet radiation, allows an effective, safe, and autonomous disinfection of the air and surfaces.


The new visual identity respects the alignment of what has always been the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that marked the School from the beginning.

CTCT Party

On February 12th, students of the 1st year of NOVA School of Science and Technology will have a special class on transversal skills for science and technology: the CTCT Party.

Jortec's 2021

This year, in view of the pandemic situation, the event takes place completely online, which does not, however, constitute an obstacle to the dissemination of knowledge at the NOVA School of Science and Technology.


The program distinguishes university students who demonstrate high academic merit and encourage the development of their culture and mathematical skills, supporting their work with recognized experts who exercise the role of tutors.