Arquivo de notícias de June de 2024

NOVA FCT will host the 9th Edition of the Seminar of the Doctoral Programme in Environment and Sustainability (PDAS) from July 3 to 5, one of the oldest in the country with significant international participation.


We reaffirm our commitment to promoting peace and defending the fundamental rights of all human beings. We believe that dialogue, cooperation and mutual respect are the ways to build a more just and harmonious world.


The team won two gold and two silver medals.


A European study led by NOVA FCT researchers reveals that the vast majority of healthcare professionals do not know how to use the necessary digital tools, including the telemedicine applications available to them.


A "nest" with more than 80 dinosaur eggs reveals how large Jurassic carnivores built their nests and how natural disasters destroyed them.


NOVA FCT's Novo Núcleo de Teatro returned home with the Fatal Prize, which honours the best show in competition.


Both institutions boast leading experts in glycoscience, fostering innovation ecosystems that support translational research with advanced tools and resources.


Pioneering the encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship among the student community, providing essential tools for those who want to create a startup, the 2024 edition of the Starters Academy recently held its final challenge.


According to the published list, NOVA is one of the 400 best universities in the world, out of a universe of 1500. 


Fulbright Programme grants offer Portuguese students and professors the opportunity to study, teach, or conduct research in the United States of America, and American students and professors the opportunity to engage in similar activities in Portugal.


As bolsas do Programa Fulbright oferecem a estudantes e professores portugueses a oportunidade de estudar, lecionar ou fazer investigação nos Estados Unidos da América, bem como a estudantes e professores americanos a oportunidade de desenvolver o mesmo tipo de atividades em Portugal.


This year's Teacher of the Year went to Cláudio Fernandes, from the Department of Mathmatics.