Applied Molecular Biosciences Unit


Applied Molecular Biosciences Unit

Mission Statement

UCIBIO’s key strength lies on its broad scope of fundamental and applied research standing at the interface of Chemistry and Biology to address pertinent questions at atomic, molecular, sub-cellular and cellular levels, including cell-to-cell interactions and population evolutionary dynamics.

Thematic Lines

  • Biomolecular Interactions
  • Drug Discovery
  • Safety Assessment in Human & Environmental Health
  • Molecular Diagnosis & Therapeutics

Research Groups

  • Chem4Omics - Chemistry for imaging and proteomics & nano-proteomics for biomedicine.
  • Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials - Materials and molecules for diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Structural Molecular Biology - Structure and function of proteins for environment, health and disease.
  • Molecular Microbiology - Population and functional genomics. Bacterial epidemiology/ infection/ drug resistance
  • Theoretical & Computational Biochemistry - Quantum-mechanical methods, MD simulations, hybrid QM/MM.
  • Toxicology - Mechanistic and analytical toxicology.
  • Drugs Targets & Biomarkers - Biomarker identification/ biological evaluation of new drugs.
  • Biomodels, Bioanalytics and Biophysics – Interactions of biomolecules/drugs/nanoparticles with lipid membranes.
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Maria João Romão


92 Integrated Members (36 at FCT/UNL), 147 PhD Students (76 at FCT/UNL)

Partner Institutions

FCT/UNL, Universidade do Porto



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Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
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Applied Molecular Biosciences Unit
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