About FCT

About FCT

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences (DCT)

Department of Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences (DCT) of the NOVA School of Science and Technology, whose regulation was reviewed in 2011 (DR 99, 2nd series of 23 May 2011), is a graduate and post-graduate teaching and research unit in the fields of Science and Geological Engineering and in those related or interdisciplinary fields. It promotes scientific and technological development, service delivery, university extension activities, and the development of dissemination activities.

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Building IX

José António de Almeida

Postal address
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Department of Earth Sciences
Campus da Caparica
2829-516 Caparica

e-mail: dct.secretariado@fct.unl.pt

(+351) 212 948 573

(+351) 212 948 556