Executive Council


The Executive Council is presided over by the Dean and is composed by:

  • Dean: Professor Virgílio Cruz Machado, President
  • Vice-Dean (Scientific Council, Students and Graduates Support Office, Academic Division, Advanced Training Support Division): Professor Maria do Rosário Cabrita
  • Vice-Dean (Pedagogical Council, Planning and Quality Management Division): Professor Vítor Hugo Fernandes
  • Assistant Vice-Dean (Research): Professor João Carlos Lima
  • Assistant Vice-Dean (Internationalization): Professor Ricardo Jardim Gonçalves
  • Assistant Vice-Dean (Science and Technology Communication): Professor Fátima Gonçalves


As indicated in the Statutes of FCT NOVA, The Executive Council must:

  1. Assist the Dean in enforcing scientific and pedagogical policies at FCT NOVA;
  2. Issue pronouncements on matters submitted by the Dean.