About FCT

About FCT

Faculty Council


The Faculty Council is composed of fifteen members:

  1. One student;
  2. Nine professors and researchers;
  3. Five external members.


Representatives of Professors and Researchers

Professor Elvira Júlia Conceição Matias Coimbra

Professor João Paulo Miranda Ribeiro Borges

Professor Jorge Joaquim Pamies Teixeira

Professor Jorge Orestes Lasbarrères Cerdeira

Professor Luís Filipe dos Santos Gomes

Professor Maria d'Ascenção C. Fernandes de Miranda Reis

Professor Maria João Lobo de Reis Madeira Crispim Romão

Professor paula Pires dos Santos Diogo

Professor Paulo da Costa Luís da Fonseca Pinto


External Members

Dra. Ana Maria Fernandes

Eng. ª Célia Reis

Dr. Filipe de Botton

Eng. Jorge Sales Gomes

Dr. Miguel Fontes


Student Representative

Rita Cardoso Figueiredo

Substitute Member

Joana Rocha



As stated in the Statutes of FCT NOVA, the Faculty Council must:

  1. Approve its regulations, which will detail the electoral process for the Dean and set the rules of function of the Council;
  2. Elect its President, by absolute majority, from among the external members;
  3. Elect the Dean by absolute majority and remove him/her by a two-thirds majority;
  4. Propose to the Dean overall and sectorial evaluation processes, targeting FCT NOVA departments and research centres;   
  5. Propose to the Dean fundraising strategies; 
  6. Propose to the Dean appropriate measures to strengthen the relationship between FCT NOVA and the community;
  7. Audit FCT NOVA management;  
  8. Assess the activities carried out by the Dean and the Executive Council; 
  9. Propose the initiatives it deems necessary for the proper functioning of the institution;  
  10. Perform any other duties prescribed by law, the Statutes of UNL, or the Statutes of FCT NOVA.



Eng. Jorge Sales Gomes

Postal address:

Conselho de Faculdade
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Caparica
2829-516 Caparica


Carla Mota



(+351) 212 947 881

15014 (internal number)

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