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About FCT

Pedagogical Council


As indicated in the Statutes of NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), the Pedagogical Council must:

  1. Decide upon pedagogical guidelines as well as teaching and evaluation methods;
  2. Promote the undertaking of routine surveys on pedagogical performance at FCT NOVA, as well as the analysis and disclosure of survey results;
  3. Promote the undertaking of surveys on the pedagogical performance of academic staff, addressed to staff and to students, as well as the analysis and disclosure of survey results; 
  4. Assess complaints related to pedagogical flaws and propose the necessary measures for rectification; 
  5. Approve the regulations for assessing student progress;
  6. Issue pronouncements on the suspension of enrolment of students who do not meet progress requirements;
  7. Issue pronouncements on the creation of courses and on the study plans of courses offered at FCT NOVA;
  8. Issue pronouncements on the establishment of scholarly awards;
  9. Issue pronouncements on the academic calendar and the examinations timetable.

Composition of the Pedagogical Council

Composition of Pedagogical Committees





Building I - 1st Floor

Vice-Dean for the Pedagogical Council:

Professor Vítor Hugo Bento Dias Fernandes

Postal address:

Pedagogical Council
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Caparica
2829-516 Caparica




(+351) 212 948 544

15201 (internal number)

Cell phone:

911 059 972


(+351) 212 949 657