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About FCT

Pedagogical Council


The Pedagogical Council is composed of one professor from each department and one student from the corresponding area(s) of study.

The professor from each department is appointed by the President of said department, from among the members of the Council of Department.

The students from each department’s area(s) of study elect their representative in the Pedagogical Council, as well as a substitute member, through elections organized by the Students’ Union of NOVA School of Science and Technology, under the supervision of the Executive Council.

Academic Staff Representing the Departments

  • João Melo (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)
  • Rui Nascimento Igreja (Materials Science)
  • Filomena Dinis (Conservation and Restoration)
  • Joaquim Pina (Applied Social Sciences)
  • Paulo Sá Caetano (Earth Sciences)
  • Maria Paula Duarte (Science And Technology of Biomass)
  • Luís Jaime Mota (Life Sciences)
  • José Varandas (Civil Engineering)
  • Luís Bernardo (Electrical Engineering)
  • Ana Matos (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
  • Jorge Silva (Physics)
  • Pedro Medeiros (Informatics)
  • Ana Casimiro (Mathematics)
  • Cristina Costa (Chemistry)

Students Representing Areas of Study

  • Maria Carvalho (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)
  • Ivânia Trepo (Materials Science)
  • Maria Santos (Conservation and Restoration)
  • Hugo Soares (Applied Social Sciences)
  • Mariana Branco (Earth Sciences)
  • Patrícia Tavanez (Science And Technology of Biomass)
  • David Almeida (Life Sciences)
  • Pedro Jacinto (Civil Engineering)
  • Leonor Paiva (Electrical Engineering)
  • Pedro Ferreira (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
  • Miguel Bernardo (Physics)
  • Ângelo Duarte (Informatics)
  • Carolina Crespo (Mathematics)
  • Ruben Valente (Chemistry)


As indicated in the Statutes of NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), the Pedagogical Council must:

  1. Decide upon pedagogical guidelines as well as teaching and evaluation methods;
  2. Promote the undertaking of routine surveys on pedagogical performance at FCT NOVA, as well as the analysis and disclosure of survey results;
  3. Promote the undertaking of surveys on the pedagogical performance of academic staff, addressed to staff and to students, as well as the analysis and disclosure of survey results; 
  4. Assess complaints related to pedagogical flaws and propose the necessary measures for rectification; 
  5. Approve the regulations for assessing student progress;
  6. Issue pronouncements on the suspension of enrolment of students who do not meet progress requirements;
  7. Issue pronouncements on the creation of courses and on the study plans of courses offered at FCT NOVA;
  8. Issue pronouncements on the establishment of scholarly awards;
  9. Issue pronouncements on the academic calendar and the examinations timetable.



Building I - 1st Floor

Vice-Dean for the Pedagogical Council:

Professor Vítor Hugo Bento Dias Fernandes

Postal address:

Pedagogical Council
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Caparica
2829-516 Caparica




(+351) 212 948 544

15201 (internal number)

Cell phone:

911 059 972


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