15th Meeting of Scientists in Atomic Physics at FCT NOVA


The 15th Annual International Meeting of the "Stored Particles Atomic Physics Research Collaboration (SPARC)", "SPARC Topical Workshop 2018", will take place from 7 to 11 September at FCT NOVA. This is the second time that this NOVA organic unit assures the meeting of the scientists who collaborate in this platform. One hundred researchers are expected in this International Meeting.

This meeting is organized by the Stored Particles Atomic Physics Research Collaboration (SPARC) and the Department of Physics of the University NOVA of Lisbon. The workshop aims to prepare experiments that will be tested at the "Facility for Antiproton Ion Research" (Fair), which is being built in Darmstadt, Germany. This facility will involve an international financial effort of more than 1100 million euros, will serve as a technology accelerator and hopes to host 3000 researchers working simultaneously.

The SPARC collaboration was formed to organize experiments in the field of atomic physics at FAIR, and aspires to join the specialization in atomic physics with highly charged ions at international level. This workshop will review the current status of the scientific and technical area, the financial issues of the SPARC collaboration and will establish future activities. Review lectures with special emphasis on critical and supercritical atomic areas will be presented ion-laser and ion-surface interactions along with hot topics and new ideas recently proposed for the SPARC research program.

To encourage and motivate young scientists to participate in the SPARC research program, the SPARC collaboration establishes a yearly award for the best PhD thesis related to atomic physics studies and the winner of this year will be announced during the event.