First operational management system for Wastewater Treatment Plants is being developed at FCT NOVA


Team from FCT NOVA's Department of Chemistry is testing a computer tool that will allow an optimized management of the behaviour of the biological processes of Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs).

Bárbara Almeida, Jorge Santos and Pedro Cardoso are part of "Aqua in Silico", a startup created to develop software that Jorge Santos confided to Exame Informática, "incorporates all the knowledge produced in FCT NOVA's laboratories in the last 30 years, where Professor Maria Ascensão Reis was always one of the scientific references ".

The technology will allow to reduce costs and democratize knowledge in such a way that in the limit it will allow the operational management of WWTPs by professionals without a degree.

On July 3, "Aqua in Silico" was present at HiTECH2018, a program to accelerate new technologies for the market. The team plans for the near future to register the patent, to advance with the commercialization of the software and to capture investment for international markets.