Second "Seasonal School" in circuit-and-systems for the "internet-of-things" in industrial environment (IIoT), CAS4IIoT, 29-30 November 2018



On the 29th and 30th November 2018, the 2nd "Seasonal School" will be held at FCT NOVA (Library Auditorium and Ágora Room) in circuit-and-systems for internet-of-things for industrial applications (CAS4IIoT) internationally co-sponsored by IEEE's "Circuits-and-Systems, CAS" and "Solid-State Circuits, SSC" companies.  

This is an ambitious program, organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) of FCT NOVA and the Center for Technologies and Systems (CTS) of UNINOVA, with the aim of providing 70+ participants selected among finalist students, postgraduate students and integrated circuit design engineers, both national and foreign, with good basic training in electronics, with the ability to understand and design the most modern electronic circuit-and-systems architectures for industrial applications in IoT such as: signal converters, sensor-to-digital interfaces, power and energy management systems, energy-harvesting techniques, and hardware realization of artificial intelligence systems (DNNs & ML) in SoCs and ASICs.  

The CAS4IIoT intensive course will have an effective duration of 16 hours (over 2 days), is structured in 9 modules and represents a good University-Company balance. The classes of the respective modules will be taught by a careful selection of 9 world-renowned speakers in the semiconductor area among University Professors, Directors / Leaders of companies and Researchers in prestigious R & D Institutes. The lectures will take place at the FCT Library Auditorium. 

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