The European Researchers' Night also goes to School


The European Night of Researchers (NEI) also happens during the day. The biggest festival of science, which culminates every year on the last Friday in September, is awake all year long and wants to make known to all the science in the city.

Designed to celebrate science with the youngest, the NEI invites the Schools to receive one (or more) of their researchers for a demonstration that promises to entertain, teach, and to demystify science.

On February 27, FCT NOVA joined more than 100 students around the magic of Mathematics with Professor Rogério Martins.

This year, the theme of the European Night of Researchers is Science in the City, it focuses on the importance of science to ensure the quality of life in cities in the future and the preservation of cultural heritage as an essential factor for sustainability.

The final party is scheduled for September 27.

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