FCT NOVA students win gold in the Athletics, Padel and Swiming University Championships


A new university record, 14 first places and many positions on the podium are the most recent pride of NOVA teams.


In Athletics, which took place on March 17 in Pombal, Salomé Paulo Afonso won the 1st place in the 800 meters beating the university record.
In the same race, Margarida Silva took second place. Raquel Lourenço and Paulo Conceição were the winners of the 60 meter hurdles and the high jump, respectively.

In Lisbon, on the 27th and 28th of March, it was the turn of Padel's team to shine. Mariana Oliveira and Joana Brites came with the gold in the women's competition. Bernardo Tomé and Joana Brites won gold in the mixed race.

In swimming competition, the list is extensive and full of victories:

4 x 50 meters Freestyle women

1st Place: Francisca Gomes Azevedo / Beatriz Barros Carmo

Women's 400m Freestyle

1st Place: Vera Paiva Vilaça

3rd Place: Maria Ornelas Armas

Men's 400 Freestyle

1st Place: Sebastião Gomes

Men's 50m Freestyle

2nd Place: João Machado

50 meter breaststroke female

3rd Place: Catarina Sequeira

Women's 200m Styles

1st Place: Francisca Azevedo

Men's 200m Styles

2nd Place: Tiago Martins

Women's 100m freestyle

2nd Place: Vera Vilaça

Men's 100m Freestyle

1st Place: João Machado

50 meters female backstroke

2nd Place: Madalena Azevedo

50 meters backstroke male

2nd Place: Diogo Fernandes

100 meter breaststroke female

1st Place: Raquel Pereira

3rd Place: Catarina Sequeira

50 meters female butterfly

2nd Place: Francisca Azevedo

Women's 200m freestyle

1st Place: Madalena Azevedo

3rd Place: Beatriz Carmo

Men's 200 Meter Freestyle

2nd Place: Sebastião Gomes

50 meters female backstroke

2nd Place: Madalena Azevedo

50 meters backstroke male

3rd Place: Diogo Fernandes

4 x 50 meters freestyle mixed

1st Place: João Machado / Sebastião Gomes / Raquel Pereira / Madalena Azevedo

3rd Place: Diogo Fernandes / Miguel Gomes / Beatriz Carmo / Francisca Azevedo

To all the athletes, our congratulations!