Electric scooters are now available at FCT NOVA


parque flash

FCT NOVA is now part of the electric scooters parking network in Almada, with 10 sharing points installed between the campus and the university residences.

This is another step of FCT NOVA to create a more sustainable School, allowing students, teachers and non-teachers to have an alternative to using the car. By belonging to the parking network of Almada, the School also strengthens the connection with the outside community.

Flash, a European micro-mobility company, started the experimental operation about a month ago, in Costa da Caparica, in the municipality of Almada, now extending the operation to FCT NOVA, becoming the first operator in an university campus.

Flash unlocking has a value of € 1, which adds € 0.15 per minute. The operator offers a 50% discount on the trip unlock price to all users who park at the shared sharing points installed. The Flash app is the only one that lets you see the parking spots.

To try Flash  download the app available on the App Store and Google Play.



"Trotinetes elétricas chegam às universidades. Flash entra no campus da FCT em Almada" (Observador)

"Flash é a primeira empresa a operar dentro de um campus Universitário" (Distrito)

"Trotinetes da Flash já chegaram a um campus Universitário" (Echo Boomer)