FCT NOVA participates in the creation of an UNESCO Center for Advanced Training


FCT NOVA was involved in the creation and launch of the “Ciência LP - International Center for Advanced Training in Fundamental Sciences of Scientists from Portuguese-Speaking Countries” (CPLP).

This UNESCO Center aims to develop high-level scientific capacities in the community of Portuguese-speaking countries in the field of fundamental sciences, to promote the cooperation of Portuguese speaking countries countries with the international community, to combat regional and international brain drain, to enable the knowledge transfer and capacity building, to organize training and workshops in priority areas, to provide advanced training programs for doctoral and postdoctoral students, to foster activities of science networks and collaborative projects in Portuguese speaking countries and to develop awareness in the international civil society.

The initial development phase of this Center will be launched with funding from the Foundation for Science and Technology through international calls to support doctoral scholarships and doctoral research contracts. In the action calendar are still planned during this year the celebration of new protocols and partnerships that will allow investment outside the project and the launch of grants calls that should take place during September.

The Ciência LP was created with the celebration of the protocol between the Engineering Schools Consortium, which brings together Portugal's best Engineering Schools of which FCT NOVA is a member, the Consortium of Schools of Agrarian Sciences and the Foundation for Science and Technology. The ceremony took place on the morning of July 24th at the Thália Theater with the presence of Minister Maria do Rosario Sambo of Angola, Minister Daurtarin Costa (Guinea-Bissau), Minister Maritza Rosabal Peña of Cape Verde, António Nóvoa, the Portuguese Ambassador to UNESCO and the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor.




"Centro UNESCO terá 3,5 milhões de euros para investir na formação de cientistas africanos" (Público)

"Centro UNESCO de Formação avançada em língua portuguesa é hoje lançado" (U.Porto Notícias)