New Master in Advanced Materials and Innovative Recycling at FCT NOVA



We are almost in the second phase of Masters applications, which runs from August 26 to 31. In this second phase, FCT NOVA  presents the new Master in Advanced Materials and Innovative Recycling.

This groundbreaking training brings together faculty and researchers from the Departments of Materials Science, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, as well as their associated Research Centers, and aims to equip their students with knowledge on concepts and tools needed to evaluate the sustainability of products and processes and give them innovative capacities that will lead to sustainable production. 

The functions of the Master in Advanced Materials and Innovative Recycling are necessarily comprehensive and specialized, which include important social and economic dimensions, in the activities that advocate process optimization, materials design, plant administration, project management, etc., whether in the industrial field or public and governmental organizations.

The curricular units are entirely taught in English.