Digital manufacturing at the service of art


T@keOver – imaginários possíveis

The new exhibition of the FCT NOVA Library, which opens in September, brings together a digital lab and five artists in a collaboration that will explore laser cutting and 3D printing techniques applied in an artistic project.

T@keOver - Possible imagery is therefore more than just an exhibition: it's a lab! In the same place, over a period of time, five artists - António Navarro, Célia Bragança, João Carvalho, Mami Higuchi and Manuela Cristovão - reveal their imagination through innovative proposals in engraving, sharing with the public the possibilities of digital fabrication.

This exhibition also intends to celebrate the three years of FCT FabLab at FCT NOVA and its recent expansion to a digital manufacturing experimentation space.

The result of this meeting, coordinated by João Carvalho, opens on September 16 and can be visited in the FCT NOVA Library's Studio Room until October 30.