VR4NeuroPain wins HINTT Award | Digital Maturity 2019


VR4NeuroPain vence Prémio HINTT | Maturidade Digital de 2019

Micaela Fonseca and Cláudia Quaresma, professors and researchers from the Department of Physics at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, are part of the VR4NeuroPain development team that was the winner of the HINTT Award | Digital Maturity 2019 in the area of ​​Clinical Outcomes.

VR4NeuroPain is an innovative system that combines virtual reality and a smart glove with biosensors that aims to promote the rehabilitation of patients with neuropathic pain. This project has partnerships with LIbPhys-UNL and the Alcoitão Medicine and Rehabilitation Center.

The HINTT Prize | Digital Maturity purpose is to recognize and disseminate the best practices in the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to bring about a paperless environment leading to relevant gains in patient safety, clinical decision support and overall efficiency.

NOVA School of Science and Technology also had two other finalist projects: Rehabvisual, a rehabilitation platform that allows a global analysis of the patient from the clinical to the home context, from the Lybphis research center; and Diastopt, a project for optimizing the process of diagnosis, staging and therapeutic decision making in patients with suspected lung cancer, from the Cefitec research center.

The award ceremony took place on October 3 at the Champalimaud Foundation during HINTT 2019. HINTT is an annual Health event that promotes knowledge sharing and reflection on the future of the state of health, nationally and internationally, focusing on citizens and technology.