Entrepreneurial mindset in Universities


Frank Rimalovsk

Frank Rimalovski, entrepreneur, venture fund manager and one of the pioneers of teaching entrepreneurship techniques will be at NOVA School of Science and Technology on January 21, with the lecture "How to start a startup". 

The Executive Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and Managing Director of venture funds at the same New York college was one of those who helped boost entrepreneurship worldwide. 

Rimallovski collaborates with the New York University since 2010, the year when entrepreneurship began to gain momentum, and helped to create a number of technology-transferring programs such as the Summer Launchpad, the Ignite Fellowships, and most recently, the NYU Female Founders Initiative Program. All of these initiatives promote a practical approach to entrepreneurship that goes beyond the idea. 

“Startups have a reputation for being built on inspiration, but inspiration alone is not enough. It should be enriched with research, experience and teamwork,” explains Frank Rimalosvki. 

Brooklinen, Clarifai, OpenTrons, Kinvolved, Vengo, Labs, BioDigital, Medivis, Ephemeral, Food Period, and Govern for America are among the success stories of startups he helped create.

The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute leads in technology transfer revenues, is ahead in the number of women founding companies and was one of the first universities to focus on this area. In all its activity 46 products hit the market, during  2018, it launched 18 startups,  and has already won over $ 7 million in awards and scholarships between 2018 and 2019 alone. 

Frank Rimalovski will be on the Caparica campus in the sequence of an invitation of the American Corner (Embassy of USA) integrated into the initiatives of the NOVA Tech Ship, which brings together all the NOVA School of Science and Technology entrepreneurship activities and opportunities. The NOVA School of Science and Technology was a pioneer in Portugal in its commitment to promote a complete education, including in its curriculum plan complementary training areas such as the Entrepreneurship course. This course is probably the largest entrepreneurship course in Europe, training about 1000 students a year since 2012.

The lecture "How to start a startup" will start at 9:30 am at the NOVA School of Science and Technology Grand Auditorium.